Working with tribes and communities to align human laws with natural laws since 2014.

Photos from the Frontline Oil & Gas Conference

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Finding Victories for the Amazon (and beyond)


Empowering communities to write new rules.

Providing organizing and legal support, we assist communities confronted by harmful projects to pass new laws that place the right of residents (and ecosystems) above corporate profit.

Building a vibrant movement for the Rights of Mother Earth.

Through savvy media campaigns, deep education and organizing, we are leading advocates recognizing legal standing for nature.


Advancing Indigenous rights and traditional knowledge.

Our organizing, research and reports highlight and advance the leadership role of Indigenous peoples in the transformation of culture and law toward ecological balance.

Project Updates

A tribunal of jurists, ecologists, legislators and indigenous leaders declared that the Bolivian government has violated the rights of Mother Earth and indigenous peoples.

Bolivia’s first indigenous president set out a bold and inspiring vision to save the planet from climate and environmental breakdown just over ten years ago.

In an open letter, Evo Morales said “Mother Earth is ill.” He urged the industrialised countries to drastically reduce emissions, increase technology transfer, and provide aid to those most affected by climate change.

Most of all, Morales said the international community had to address the structural causes of climate change. Morales declared that humanity faced a choice “to continue in the ways of capitalism and death, or to start down the path of harmony with nature and respect for life”[…]

Today’s Indigenous warriors, are Frontliners. They face off with private security dogs, are imprisoned in dog cages, and experience militarized psychological warfare at Standing Rock #NODAPL. They hold horrifyingly sad signs bearing the images of missing or murdered loved ones at rallies and hang haunting dresses symbolizing the emptiness of a body that once filled it, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and People #MMIWGP. Frontliners are sometimes the obvious water protector, opposing Line 3 in Minnesota or a quieter language, revitalized teaching lessons to their tribal children in Oklahoma. Frontliners can also be the lone academic in a university trying to learn the enemy’s ways. Frontliners, while often isolated from each other in everyday battles, share bonds of brother and sisterhood. Their lives are often put in high-risk areas, some losing limbs and others losing organs from unconstitutional military attack on peaceful resistance[…]