Working with tribes and communities ​to align human laws with natural laws since 2014

MOVEMENT RIGHTS works for climate justice, the rights of Indigenous peoples and Mother Earth/Nature.

We are in the streets, in the news and in the courts, providing research and reports, convening strategic gatherings, speaking at the UN, community meetings, regulatory hearings, and more. We work with national and global climate allies, sovereign Indigenous Nations and communities. We have helped thousands of people connect the dots between the critical time we find ourselves in and the solutions that Indigenous people have always known: human activity must take place within the natural system of laws that govern life on Earth.

Latest webinar

Join the women of Movement Rights in this webinar, opened with a prayer by respected Ponca elder Casey Camp-Horinek, about the Rights of Nature movement. The women give a brief history on Indigenous people maintaining respectful relationships with the sacred system of life, how harmful corporations obtained the rights to violate the health of life, water, soil and air, and the success of Movement Rights working with the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma to pass the first tribal rights of nature law with Casey Camp-Horinek, Pennie Opal Plant and Shannon Biggs.

Our Work

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